Sunday, 23 October 2011

On the lookout

Got a brilliant blowjob in the H20 sauna in Newcastle recently. Zak (as I'll call him) seemed a bit inexperienced, so I made sure he had plenty of warning that I was about to shoot. I couldn't last long with my thick knob end being massaged by his velvety mouth, and there was someone behind us watching that made it even hornier. He swallowed every drop.
I don't know if Zak will be a regular and I'm still on the lookout for good looking suckers who can manage a thick cock without chewing it!

Friday, 19 March 2010


Went to the sauna again this afternoon. Generally it was so-so - a bit quiet for my liking, and most people there seemed to be both older and fatter than I am, so there wasn't much to interest me through most of the visit.

Just after I got there, I did see one of the horniest sights I'd seen for a while, which made me wish I'd got there a bit earlier. In the top floor porn cinema, there were a few good looking blokes a few years younger than me (thirties to forties). One of them was a slim, tattooed bloke who was sitting on his towel, wanking his chunky cock while watching the film. After a while he turned to the older, grey haired man on the level above him, who was also fit and was jerking his own fair-sized dick. The grey haired man edged forward and tattoo man started to suck his cock. It looked like a first class blow job, because tattoo man was doing lots of slurping and deep throating the cock. I think I've said here before that I approve of exhibitionism, and tattoo man looked like a great exhibitionist. It went on for a while and grey haired man's groans got louder. Eventually he came to a climax and the slurping and murmuring made it obvious that tattoo man had swallowed the load.

My hard on made it fairly obvious that I was interested, and I was starting to hope that I might be next. Unfortunately tattoo man didn't seem to look my way - but it will stay with me as a horny memory.

Sunday, 28 February 2010


Still not much to report. I did get sucked off in our local gay sauna recently by someone who'd done me before. Jim always seems very keen and swallows too. He's also slim, muscular and attractive - but I can always feel his teeth which, for me, makes it uncomfortable and more difficult to get off. Anyway, after a few minutes I shot and he swallowed my load (no persuasion required from me).

I thanked him, had a quick shower and then went to get dressed. By the time I took off my towel, my cock was pointing downwards but had not shrunk to its "normal", quiescent size and was quite prominent. I could sense the bloke next to me looking at it. Then he amused me by asking "Have you got a licence for that thing?"

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Still a fallow period

As I'm still not getting any action, the only thing I can post here just now is another photo of my cock (which, as I say, hasn't been sucked for a while!). Let me know if you like it, or my story from the winter.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

My latest session

My regular sucker is a few years younger than me, slim and quite hairy. I'll call him Rich to protect his privacy - that's not his name. Rich's cock is smaller than mine, and he doesn't seem to mind that I just wank him and don't suck it in return.

As usual, I go to his. I have an open relationship and tell my partner when I'm off to get my cock sucked, but I don't take people back to our house for sex - that would be pushing things a bit far. When I arrive at Rich's, we start with a cup of tea and catching up on what each other has been doing over the past few weeks (in my case, mainly hibernating!). After that, he starts to fondle my bulge, and I cop a good feel of his. As usual, my cock gets hard quickly, and so does his. That's usually our cue to strip off - some people seem to prefer doing it clothed, which I don't mind myself, but Nick likes it naked, which is fine with me. For a few seconds, he's naked and I'm just in my underpants, with him licking up the length of my cock through the fabric. I told you he was good at it: this turns me on even more, and it twitches in anticipation of the good sucking it's going to get.

Suddenly he's slipped off my pants completely and is teasing up the length of my cock with his tongue. My heart beats faster in anticipation, and then the head is in his velvety mouth, which feels brilliant. It's mid-afternoon, and I haven't cum since 6pm the previous day, so I'm feeling particularly horny. Today is definitely one of those days when I want to cum twice - the first time just to ease the pressure. "Make me cum," I gasp and he redoubles his efforts, knowing I'll shoot very soon this first time. I grip his cock tightly in my left hand, wanking it and feeling it throb as he gets nearer to cumming. Not wanting him to cum yet, I ease off - once in our sessions is usually his maximum.

Waves of pleasure run down my body, concentrated in my throbbing dick. Within a couple of minutes I'm shooting down his throat. He makes appreciative "Mmm" sounds and gently swallows. I cum so much the first time that I'm often surprised it doesn't choke anyone, but all the ones that do swallow (it's not obligatory) seem to get it down like champs. I sigh in contentment and say "Thanks".

We take a few minutes to finish our tea, chatting while we do. As Rich didn't cum, he's still horny. He sees my cock starting to harden again and knows I'm ready for another go. As we're regulars (well, maybe once a month) he also knows I don't like too much friction, particularly the second time, so he's gentler now. I mentioned velvet, and anyone reading this who's a connoisseur of blowjobs will know that that's how a good one feels. Obviously it takes longer this time, but it's blissful to feel this horny man worshipping my cock with his talented throat, and to have his cock throbbing in my hand. After a while I can sense that he's ready to cum, and that raises my own horn level. Once again, he knows my spunk is on its way from my heavy breathing, and there isn't so much to gag him with this time. Out it shoots, down it goes, and he runs his tongue around the head to get the last traces, tickling me. This time I'm really drained of cum, at least for a few hours.

All that's left is for me to finish jerking Rich off. He must have enjoyed it - he shoots right up to his headboard!

More posts needed

While this was only intended as an occasional blog, I'm aware that I've fallen into the same trap as many well-intentioned bloggers - of hardly ever updating it. The trouble is that there isn't much to say. Apart from a session or two with my only "regular" cock sucker, there's nothing to report - so I'll try to post about that later.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Quiet Christmas

No action for me at all lately, and no requests for photos either :-(

...I suspect that this blog has too few links elsewhere to get anyone to read it. Is there anybody there?